Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last Long Run Before Race Day

I ran another 10 miles this morning! I did a few things different compared to my last 10 miler and I’m really happy with my results.  First of all, I bought some new workout clothes last week at Costco and I tried them out today- LOVED them! I got Adidas brand Bermuda shorts and Kirkland brand racer back yoga tops. I got two colors of each and I tried out one outfit today. I loved the length of the yoga top (nice and long) and the sweat wicking material in addition to the seamless feel. Also, I got a new nozzle for my wanna-be Camelbak and it made the world of difference. A few years ago I bought a Sierra Nevada brand hydration pouch at Costco {um do you see a trend here?} for $19.99. I mainly only used it when we would hike Cowles Mountain (3 miles round trip) but had recently started using it for my long runs. The nozzle started dripping on me and was consistently getting worse with each run. Last weekend I ran out of water at mile 7 because it dripped out with every step I took and all over me too. So long story short, I was going to buy a Camelbak at REI this week because they are 25% off and my fiancé convinced me to just try to buy the Camebak brand nozzle and bite piece for less than $10. I was totally Negative Nancy and told him that we’ll probably have to go back the next night to return it if it doesn’t work because I HAVE to have it for my long run today. Welll…. Negative Nancy was wrong and it worked AMAZING! That was a nice $40 savings for me! Lastly, I finally bought some real running fuel and loved the two that I tried today. At 40 minutes, I took a Gu brand Espresso Love flavor and it had 2X caffeine, which I feel really made a difference. At 1 hour 20 minutes (40 minutes later) I tried a Honey Stinger brand Gold (no caffeine). The Honey Stinger was much thinner consistency than the Gu brand and A LOT sweeter, so I’m not sure that I like it as much, but it was not horrible and I didn’t even have an upset stomach- so that’s a win! Now on with my splits:

Mile 1- 11:09

Mile 2- 11:49

Mile 3- 11:41

Mile 4- 12:30- took my first Gu

Mile 5- 12:06- caffeine kicking in Smile

Mile 6- 12:04

Mile 7- 12:04

Mile 8- 12:42- took my second one

Mile 9- 12:20

Mile 10- 12:16

Total Time- 2:00:43- Average Pace: 12:04

I’m really hoping that I can sustain an average pace of 12 minute miles for race day- that would put me at around 2 hours and 37 minutes. My stretch goal would be to run with the 2 hour and 30 minute pace group! I’m slightly nervous because my hips have been giving me some problems and really started hurting around mile 7.5 today. That is pretty much the halfway point for the half (or 1 mile past the halfway- haha!), so if I have to run the entire second half with excruciating hip pain, I’m not sure that I’d be able to maintain my goal pace. I’m going to make it an extra point to hydrate this week and stretch + foam roll EVERY day! Must not be lazy with stretching and hydrating this week because I know that it will make a big difference come race day!

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