Friday, May 13, 2011

Ready, Set, Go

I am a very analytical person who is a horrible writer. I've loved reading blogs for the past two years, but never dreamed of creating one because let's face it- I'm just not a writer. I have always struggled with putting my thoughts down on paper. I decided to finally create this blog for help with accountability. Maybe if I'm posting about running and eating then I will be more motivated to stay committed? I've titled this blog Sandy Eggo Runner because I live in sunny San Diego! The runner part is kind of a joke. I ran three 5ks in 2010 and signed up for the Rock and Roll San Diego Half Marathon in January, which is in 3 short weeks!! I have failed to follow my training plan and I am definitely worried about the upcoming race! 13.1 miles seems nearly impossible! So far for my long runs, my longest distance has been 8 miles. Last weekend I set out to do my second 8 mile long run, but I had a dead Garmin (can you say newbie runner?!) and realize now that I probably ran closer to 7 miles. I'm shooting for 9 miles tomorrow and 10 the following weekend. I'll be back to update on how those go!

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