Wednesday, May 18, 2011

100 lb bricks

My legs felt like 100 lb bricks today. I could not run for the life of me. I really regret not stretching on my rest days (Sunday and Tuesday). Since my 9 miles on Saturday I have only ran a short 1.58 miles on Monday at Girls on the Run. My Smart Coach plan directed me to do a tempo run today. It was supposed to be 5 miles total- starting with a warm up, 3 miles at 12:10 and then a cool down mile. Going into the run I thought to myself that 12:10 was slow- especially compared to my long run times- and that I was going to set a goal of 11:30. This whole tempo thing just did not happen. I think I need to read up more on the whole process because I'm so clueless and mentally just couldn't push my legs to work today.

Lap 1- 12:24
Lap 2- 12:16
Lap 3- 12:59
Lap 4- 16:47- walked this entire mile

I turned around at mile 2 instead of pushing to mile 2.5 for a total of 5. 3 running and 1 walking is better than nothing, right? My thought process today was that I need to save my legs to do a good 10 miles on Friday and my GOTR 5k on Sunday. I would much rather report back to you that I had excellent runs for each of these rather than saying that I pushed myself too hard for a random midweek tempo run. I just spent some time stretching and foam rolling and I'm considering a yoga for runners class tomorrow night. I've really got to be more diligent with stretching and foam rolling because my muscles were SO tight today!

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  1. Hey! I am a new runner too- even though I am nowhere near a 9 miler at this point!! You can be my motivator!!