Friday, May 27, 2011

Sparkle and Shine 5K—PR

Get excited for my first post with pictures- I downloaded Windows Live Writer and I’m loving it!!
Last Sunday I ran the end of the season race with Girls on the Run San Diego- It was called the Sparkle and Shine 5k and the race started at Embarcadero South here in San Diego.
Pre Race Smile
4 coaches from each group got to be running buddies for the girls and I was so excited to get to be a running buddy! We had 11 girls from our site who planned to run the 5K on race day and many of the parents were running with the girls as their running buddy. There were 4 girls who needed running buddies and 4 coaches available. One girl didn’t show and another girl’s mom joined last minute- so there were 4 coaches and only 2 girls that actually need running buddies. Lizzie lucked out with 3 coaches as her running buddies.

DSCN3747           DSCN3748
Pre Race Face Painting
Pt Loma Group
During mile 1, I was chasing after her at a pace that was a bit fast for me. Around mile 2 she was wanting a few walking breaks, but my muscles were starting to cramp because I had just ran 10 miles 2 days prior. I tried to stay with her and motivate her, but eventually I decided to run ahead and figured that she had two other coaches to run with.
Lizzie with her other two coaches
I ran most of the third mile on my own- with hope for a last minute PR. Negative split- whoo hoo!
Mile 1- 10:22
Mile 2- 11:40
Mile 3- 11:33
Last .11- 1:09- 10:35 pace
Total- 34:44- Average pace: 11:10
My {previous} best 5K race time was 35:18, so it’s really not a huge improvement and I honestly think I could’ve done even better, but I didn’t go into this race planning to set a PR.
I’m actually slightly mortified that I’m posting this finish line picture on the web- and yes my face is ALWAYS that red!
I can’t believe that the season is over already- I had a great time volunteering with GOTR and I wish that programs like this were available when I was a kid. Out of 24 lessons I only missed one and I loved getting to know each of the girls on our team. I look forward to volunteering again next season!


  1. I need to find a 5K to run! I have such a hard time even finding them... congrats on your new PR!

  2. My face is always that red too! We also have similar times. Great blog, glad I found it.