Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Longest Distance to Date- 10 miles

I wish I would've wrote this post on Friday after my long run, so I could've described how I felt in the moment. In the past 4 days I've forgotten how much I struggled. This run was night and day from my 9 mile run. During my 9 miles last weekend I felt over the moon, proud, like I would DEFINITELY rock 13.1 miles no problem and I LOVED the new route I ran. Friday's 10 miles was the polar opposite. At mile 2, I wanted to quit and had so much self doubt. I was having a lot of negative thoughts and telling myself that I'm too fat to run, and never should've signed up for this race. I think the biggest difference between the 2 runs was also the weather. On Friday I had the sun beating down on me and was worried about the sun from the second that I woke up. I think I struggled more with pacing as well. I'm wondering if I might have started off too fast? Here are my splits:
Mile 1- 11:22
Mile 2- 11:47
Mile 3- 11:29
Mile 4- 12:22- I walked to put my ipod in my knock off camel back thingy and never got my pace back up.
Mile 5- 12:22
Mile 6- 12:20
Mile 7- 12:25
Mile 8- 12:35
Mile 9- 12:27
Mile 10- 12:24
Total Time- 2:01:39; Average Pace- 12:09

This was 23 seconds more per mile on the average pace compared to last week's long run. I had stomach issues and feel like I have not tried enough different fueling methods. I split Cliff Shot Blocks during my 9 miler long run and 10 miler long run. Ideally, I think the entire package should've been consumed in one long run, but it was upsetting my stomach both times. I loved Gu the two different times that I tried it, but haven't gone back to Road Runner to buy more. I bought the Shot Blocks at my local health foods store, Windmill Farms, and unfortunately they don't sell Gus there. :( It's slightly embarrassing to post these {slow} split times, but my goal right now is to increase distance and worry about speed later. I've never done speedwork and know that I will definitely need to do some in the future- especially if I plan to do more Half Marathons! I was already looking at my options for future halfs in San Diego for this year today!! My fiance recommended that I wait to see how this one goes first.. good idea, but I've been bit by the racing bug!

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