Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rock and Roll SD- My First Half Marathon


I set the alarm for 4:30 and left the house just before 5, so I took my breakfast in the car with me. 2 slices of wheat bread with White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter and banana. I actually only ate about half of the second slice because of pre-race nerves!


Pre race smile- I wanted to put on mascara, but my fiance talked me out of it!

Getting to the start line was a fiasco! The freeway was the worst traffic that I have ever seen at 5:30 in the morning!! We missed the exit off the 5 freeway for being dropped off, which was Kettner/ Laurel. We went to the next exit, Sassafras, and basically weren’t moving at all. Everyone was jumping out of the car to just walk to the start line, so we decided to do the same. Laurel was a HUGE hill to hike up just to get to the start line. We got to Balboa park around 6:05 and got in line for the porta potties.


The porta potty lines were RIDICULOUS! At one point, they came to us in line and tried to convince us just to get out of line and start the race because they were already on coral 20! We suffered through because we really had to go. Of course there was NO toilet paper when we finally got to the front! After the almost hour long line- we ran to the start line and started with coral 30, just after 7am!


Finally at the start!


Megan and I – both sportin the blue!


Tried to get the start in the background- NICE- I hid my double chin!


I loved this sign RIGHT when we started “ONLY 26 MORE MILES TO GO”. Megan is much faster than me, but I managed to stay with her for the first mile!


It was so cool to see the waves of people!


First Band!

Here are my splits:

Mile 1- 11:01

Mile 2- 11:42

Mile 3- 11:27

Mile 4- 11:07

Mile 5- 12:28

Mile 6- 12:27

Mile 7- 11:08- down hill!

Mile 8- 12:10

Mile 9- 13:06- hit the wall hard

Mile 10- 13:19

Mile 11- 13:08

Mile 12- 14:10

Mile 13- 13:35

.32- 11:53

Total of 13:32- 2:44:44- 12:21 average pace

I really hit the wall hard at mile 9. I  had no motivation to keep running and consistently took way too many walking breaks. It was hot with little wind and my face got really sun burnt. I regret not wearing a hat and/or sunscreen. I was really hoping for a marine layer and there was nothing! The sun was beating down on me from the very start! Overall everything was a learning lesson and I’m happy that I at least finished! I know next time that I have to get their earlier because I could’ve really benefited from running with a pace group (my original plan). All lessons learned!


I did it!!!! First Medal EVER!


Me with good friend Buket and Lauren


With my Momma- I was very happy that she found me right away post race! Especially since my phone was acting up!


With My Fiance- He’s proud of my medal!



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