Sunday, June 12, 2011

Recovery Week

Alternately Titled: LAZY WEEK!

I was pretty sore on Monday and more sore on Tuesday. I finally attempted to stretch and foam roll on Tuesday night. I also took Wednesday off. On Thursday I tried Pilates for the first time ever! It was really hard- in at not sweaty at all kind of way. It was similar to lifting weights, but different. I was sore on Friday and Saturday. I felt like I should’ve ran this weekend, but took off because my fiance was off. He works 2 Saturdays and then gets one off, so it is pretty much one Saturday a month that he gets off. We spent the day checking out 3 different wedding venues and enjoying both lunch and dinner out. We tried El Indio (seen on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) because we saw that they offering catering at one of the places that we are interested in. The food was good, but I feel like it is similar to the Mexican food in our neighborhood and probably not wedding good. Saturday night we went to the Padres game because I got a free ticket for any game in June from the Rock and Roll- and his ticket was 25% off- so including fees it was $13.75! Cheaper than a movie date! The best part was that it was free hat night! Here are two pictures from my NEW iphone! Smile012016

Rally Caps- Unfortunately we lost! Sad smile

I’m hoping to get off the lazy train next week and back on track with 4-5 workouts a week. I’m planning to use some Groupons that I have for bootcamp, pilates and yoga in the next 2 months before starting my next training plan for my 2nd half marathon which is the LA RnR on October 30th!!

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